Decoupaged Countertops

July 10, 2012

What is a girl to do when her kitchen counter gets ruined a week before she is to host a big party? If she is someone that is crafty and likes to do decoupage….she thinks, “hmm… wonder if I can decoupage it as a temporary fix?” A quick search on google brings up a picture of a counter top that has been covered in brown paper bags.

Decoupaged Kitchen Countertop at Zoe Mountain Retreat

Now I am thinking that this is something I can do. I never intended that it would be a  permanent solution when we began this adventure. However we quickly fell in love with the results on the messed up countertop on our kitchen island and ended up not only doing the countertop on the island but did all of the kitchen countertops and the backsplash as well.

It has been finished for almost a year and we still love our new kitchen. It has held up very well. Because we like being frugal, this type of project was the perfect solution for us. It was an inexpensive do it yourself project. Also with this technique, if another crock pot decides to overheat and burn the counter, we can just sand down the messed up part of the counter and slap down some new paper instead of having to redo the whole thing. It is very easy to repair any damage, can’t do that with many other countertop materials.

I didn’t get a picture of the burned and warped countertop before we started removing it but here is a picture taken after we began and a picture after we finished.

Kitchen Island Countertop before decoupage treatment


Kitchen Countertop After Decoupaging with Brown paper bag (Kraft Paper)

and After

Much better :)

A how-to guide can be found here.


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